Monday, February 11, 2013

Save the TaTa's!

The main reason I have had so many requests for a blog is the fact that I have breast cancer. Actually scratch that, I HAD breast cancer.  I finished chemotherapy three weeks ago! And boy am I glad to be done with that! But back to my point. People want to know about my fight. Now, as a disclaimer, I have never been one to talk about personal matters to people apart from my closest friends and family members. Even then, I rarely get emotional. I simply prefer to keep my feelings private for the most part. With that said, fighting breast cancer has been one of the MOST emotional journeys of my life. And I am a little reluctant to share my story INCLUDING how I made it through this emotionally. But as many people have reminded me, my journey can inspire others, which is why I started this blog. So bear with me. Maybe someone, somewhere, who is in a similar circumstance as me will come across this blog and gain insight and strength from hearing about my battle. HERE'S TO SAVING THE TATA'S!

This picture is me with some coworkers about a week after I was diagnosed at a THINK PINK walk hosted by the Cancer Center at my hospital. I have AMAZING friends!


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  2. I have my Save the Ta-Tas shirt on!!