Thursday, February 14, 2013

My Life is NEVER boring

Life is never boring in my world. I closed on my new condo a week ago! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to move in yet because it needs a few things done and I've been in the hospital the past two days (blah). But I'm about to be discharged!! Being in the hospital does not fit into my timeline right now. I'm done with chemo and ready to move forward with a happy, healthy life! Not stuck back in the hospital. So hopefully they have figured out what the problem was and I will be better from now on!

Once I'm able to get over to my new condo I will post some pictures! I having the floors replaced and the walls painted before moving anything in. I figured this would make the moving process simpler. But I am absolutely in LOVE with it. I started the house hunting process a while ago, but then I got sick and put things on hold. Originally, I wanted a more expensive, free-standing home. But after the C word, I had to sort of reevaluate what it was I needed at this time in my life. And as proof that God provides, this adorable condo in a good part of town and in my price range just appeared! Like any new home owner I'm sure, I have all of these big plans for it that I'm sure I will never get to! But I do really love it and I can't wait to move in. It's absolutely perfect for this single gal (who probably wouldn't have done any yard work in the long run). I'm really sad to be leaving grandma and grandpa but I think I'm at the point in my life where I need to be moving forward. I will miss not having to do dishes and grandpa heating up my car in the mornings though :( But they are only just across town so I think I can handle that.

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