Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Just a little inspiration for those self conscious days

So it's been awhile since I've made a post. But so much has been going on in my life and I have just stayed busy the past few weeks! I am finally starting to move in to my new condo! And it looks amazing :) I still love it as much as the day I bought it. I promise to post some before and after pictures soon!

In other news I now have a full head of hair! And, unfortunately, my cowlick IS growing back. But so far it looks brown and straight like before. For anyone post chemo who may be reading this...I suggest taking a vitamin called biotin. I was told about this from a few other cancer survivors and I've really noticed my hair growing back quicker since beginning it! I'm three months out from chemo now and still wearing a wig/scarf. But that is mainly because I feel like I look like a boy with short hair. I'm hoping to ditch the head gear soon though :)

Whenever I feel self conscious about wearing a wig I like to look at pictures of female celebrities who have shaved their head or cut it short and rocked it! Below are a few of my favorites!

Charlize Theron (This is about the length and look of my hair now! Maybe a little shorter)


Emma Watson. She has such a classic look about her!


Anne Hathaway 


So I'm not really a Miley Cyrus fan but you have to admit that the girl can rock the short hair look!


Michelle Williams

I'm sure there is someone I am forgetting but these are just a few of my favorites! Hair grows back. You just have to remind yourself of that. And always remember that you are a survivor! And while you may feel self conscious at times, you beat cancer! And that's way cool and something to be proud of!