Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Hair Problems

I think I have officially reached the point where having short hair is starting to bother me. I miss my long hair! It is growing super fast though. And it's dark and curly. Although I think the curls will fall out and it will lighten up the longer it gets. I guess what bothers me is that it is at the point where I can't do a thing with it. I have a horrid cowlick right in the front so I either have to wear a headband or pin it back with some bobby pins. Honestly, it was easier being bald than having short hair. At least then I could just throw on a wig or a scarf and go. Now I actually have to take time in the morning to do something with it. I still wear a wig when I feel like getting dressed up and going out. I think I rock the short hairdo pretty well but I just feel more girly and more like myself with long hair.

To be honest, it's probably about time for a haircut. I have had it shaped up in the back a time or two by a friend but never had it properly cut. After having no hair for so long, the thought of having anyone actually cut some of the length off gives me serious anxiety.

This was taken on my one year survivor anniversary :) As you can see, I have to wear a headband or pin it back to keep my cowlick in check.

Researching how long it takes to grow back to a decent length has become sort of a hobby of mine. I take biotin to help speed up the process and I recently learned about a shampoo product called Nioxin which is supposed to help so I plan on getting that to try out. I recently came across a blog where the author did an amazing job of documenting every part of her hair regrowth journey, pictures included. You can check it out at chiagal.com if you are interested. She also had the chemo curl!

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  1. I know what you mean about the short hair aggravation, Madison. I like some of the short styles, but I much prefer my long hair too. And the genes in our family does thankfully allow for fast hair growth, so it won't be long before it grows out enough to no longer require the headbands and bobby pins. You look cute no matter you do. I'm enjoying all the different looks you sport. Looking forward to the next doo you share!